Open TryOuts

Located in the Beautiful Rocky Mountains @ 5000ft above sea level, The Butte Cobras NA3HL Junior hockey team is recruiting for players of all skill levels. High altitude training in Butte was prevalent from 1987 to the early 2000s, many speed skaters stopped in Butte on their way to the Olympics.

Our facility – Butte Community Ice Center – is a great place to get a taste of Junior Hockey. Built as armory in the 1950’s for the US Navy, it was recommissioned as an Ice rink in 2001 with the addition of a separate building housing the ice surface. It boasts a seating capacity of 400 with expansion up to 700 with a loud crowd over the opposing goaltender for 2 periods.

Players get the following amenities for playing with the Butte Cobras:

Dedicated locker room with seating and lockers for 25.

Skate sharpening/equipment room

Players lounge with stationary bikes, weight machines and seating for 20+

New Bauer Equipment (Helmets, Gloves, Pant shells)

Season long access to the finest Fitness Center (Fuel Fitness) in Butte

Fully logoed bus for game transport – actually we have 2

Why play in Butte, MT?

Butte has had a long history of Professional and amateur hockey. The Copper Kings in the 1970’s were some of the first hockey players in Montana. The AWHL saw Butte as home from 1996-2008. NorPac welcomed Butte for almost 10 years and the recent Butte Cobras went on to a 3rd round playoff run.

Dedicated people to the sport- Most of the current Board members for the Cobras have years of Hockey and Junior Hockey Experience. Referees, players and parents…we have the knowledge to help the player be the best he can be. Hopefully we can take him to whatever his next level is.

Ice time…we are taking the approach that if the player commits to the Cobras and Coach Liquori, we will commit to him. The Butte Cobras do not want 30 players with 10 sitting the bench not playing. WE would rather have 20-25 committed players and give them the ice time they are paying/working for. Hard work, team dedication and a commitment to improvement will take a player far in hockey and in life.